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Bouncer Pictures
3 in 1 Slide Combo

A great
combo-unit! The
large bounce area
of a typical castle
or house with an
attached slide! It
has the open roof
design with an
optional sunshade.
The steps for the
slide are inside the
bounce area and
total slide height is
approximately 10'.

Site requirements

Width   = Apx 20'
Length = Apx 30'
Height  = Apx 16'

75' From power.

Flat or gentle

Clean & Clear

(Based on avg size)
Age          Allowed
8 or less          8-10
9-12                    5-7
Teens& Adults 3-4

Bouncer Info

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Inside stairs to top of slide
Sunshade off of 3 in 1 combo
looking up slide of 3 in 1 combo
3 in 1 Slide combo outside view
Looking down at 3 in 1 slide combo
top of slide image